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Special Conditions

§ 1 Additional costs
Please pay attention to the fact key information’s of the tours. For some tours additional costs may apply, which are not included in the tour rate. For example: visa for Oman is not included in the tour rate Musandam Khasab Dhow Cruise. Additional costs must be paid directly to the tour guide on the site.

§ 2 Cancellation fees
For short-term cancellations, cancellation fees may apply. For detailed information, please refer to the Terms & Conditions.

§ 3 Carriage of passport
Please pay attention to the fact key information’s of the tours. For some trips, example: flight-excursions and selected boat trips, you are asked to carry your passport with you.

§ 4 Catering
Please pay attention to the fact key information’s of the tours. Should meals not be included in the tour rate, we recommend carrying cash for personal expenses. For some tours, beverages are not included in the rate as well. For detailed information, please refer to the tour description.

§ 5 Changes in the itinerary
Changes or deviations of the tour services or the program sequence may occur and are permitted if the changes or deviations are not substantial and do not affect the overall character of the booked tour. During holidays, for example, during Ramadan, some parts of the standard program content might be cancelled. For example: during the desert safari no music and dance entertainment is allowed.
During special events it can happen, that some places might not be permitted to visit. The service provider reserves the right to cancel the tour due to bad weather, in short term or modify the program in some cases if needed.
We will notify you of any changes or deviations immediately.

§ 6 Children
Discount applies generally for children aged 2 to 11 years. Children under 2 years travel free, but are not entitled to an own seat. For detailed information, please refer to the children's price list.

§ 7 Dress code
Please remember that you are in an Islamic country, therefore avoiding revealing clothing is a must as it might disturb others. For tours which includes visits of Mosques, please consider the following rules: men should wear long trousers and ladies a long dress or long trousers. A headscarf for ladies is mandatory. No sleeveless or transparent clothing is allowed.

§ 8 Language & guides
The tours are mostly conducted by German and English-speaking guides. Unless otherwise advised, the safaris, boat tours and flight tours are accompanied only by English-speaking drivers/guides.
The tour rates may vary if they are led by German-speaking tour guides (e.g. you will pay for Oman tours a surcharge, when a German-speaking guide is desired. In the UAE, Qatar and Bahrain, the tour rates do not vary, irrespective of the language).

§ 9 Liability
The tours are conducted by local suppliers and only mediated by Stopover Solutions FZC. We are not responsible for these third party services, but mediate for you in case of complaints. Please send your feedback and comments to: info@stopovertrips.com.

§ 10 Minimum number of participants
If the minimum number of participants required for a tour is not reached, we reserve the right to change the execution date of the tour or cancel the reservation.

§ 11 Pick-up timings and duration
The duration of the excursions mentioned in the descriptions is purely the tour time, where transfer times are not included. For example: duration of Dubai City Tour does not include transfer timings from other places such as from/to a hotel in Abu Dhabi. These should be considered additional.
Pick-up times will be advised on your booking confirmation or 1-2 days prior to tour begin (pick-up information will be left in your hotel). The pick-up is always directly from your hotel. To ensure a smooth pick-up of all guests, please wait in the lobby/reception of your hotel on the time given for pick-up. Under certain circumstances, the pickup takes place ahead the given time (for example, if your hotel is the first one on the pick-up list). However, we appreciate your understanding as possible delays might occur due to heavy traffic, for example.
For excursions, where the transfer is not included, please be on time at the designated spot. For flight excursions you should be at least 45 minutes before the flight and for boat trips at least 30 minutes before scheduled departure at the designated spot.

§ 12 Restrictions
Jeep Tours 4x4 (safaris) are not suitable for guests with heart and back problems (spinal disc, spine, hip). This applies as well to pregnant women and children under 4 years.
Please note further information specified in each key fact and pay attention to the limitations, which are to be expected in some tours.

§ 13 Transportation
All tours are carried out in air-conditioned buses/minibuses and safaris in comfortable 4x4 vehicles. We recommend to always carry a cotton jumper to prevent unwanted colds. In winter a jacket or sweater for the desert safari is necessary. The evenings are quite chilly in the desert.

§ 14 Voucher/Booking confirmation
Please carry your voucher (booking confirmation) always with you and pass it to your guide/driver when requested.