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Online Tickets for Palace Qasr al Hosn

Qasr al-Hosn Fort Tickets

Buy online tickets and discover Qasr al-Hosn, Abu Dhabis historic landmark and the symbolic birthplace of the Emirates. 

The White Fort was constructed in 1761 as a conical watchtower to defend the only fresh water well in the Abu Dhabi island. Successive generations of the ruling Al Nahyan family added walls, towers, decorative entrance and residential quarters transforming it first into a small fort, then into an iconic palace, which became the permanent residence of the ruling Sheikh and the seat of government until 1966.

In 2018, Fort Qasr al Hosn was transformed into a museum that perfectly demonstrates the development of Abu Dhabi from an 18th-century fishing settlement to a modern metropolis. One of the cornerstones of the structure is its traditional “Majlis”, a key feature of civilization in United Arab Emirates. The Majlis of Qasr Al Hosn reveals myriad stories and political events on its journey and the witness to several developments and achievements of Abu Dhabi. 

Highlights of the Qasr al Hosn Palace 

  • Inner Fort - originally built in 1795
  • The Outer Palace - built 1939-1945
  • Majlis 

About the Fort al Hosn Visit

Operating from Abu Dhabi, Abu Dhabi Port
Days of operation Daily
Duration 1-2 hours
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