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Surrounded on three sides by the crystal clear waters of the Persian Gulf, Qatar is a tiny peninsula known as the Thumb of Arabia. The small state has a rich seafaring tradition and for years, fishing and pearl diving were the main forces of the local economy. However, oil and gas have made Qatar the second highest per capita income country in the world today, and also one of its fastest growing. While Qatar has embarked on an ambitious course of planned development, it has never lost sight of its rich cultural heritage. Qatar’s extensive coastline is dotted with many coves, inlets, and sandy beaches and is bathed in sunlight throughout the year. From the warm welcome of its people to the splendid Islamic architecture of its many mosques, houses, and museums, this land remains surprisingly unspoiled. Whether you are in the modern capital, Doha, or further afield, Qatar is a haven for nature lovers. The bird life is quite spectacular with over 250 species, including many rare sightings. Sightseeing markers include The Museum of Islamic Art, SouqWaqif and Heritage Village in Doha, the marshland estuaries at Thakira, Al Zubarah Fort on the west coast, the inland sea at Khor El Deid, and Palm Tree Island located just off Doha.

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