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One of the most scenic and least developed areas in Oman, the Musandam Peninsula is known for its extensive fjord-like craggy inlets (khors), small villages and dramatic rugged mountains, which have led the area to be called “The Norway of Arabia”.

The capital of the province, Khasab is small, but far from sleepy. Built from the Portugese at the beginning of the 17th century, the natural harbor gave shelter from tough seas. Unlike many forts, which were built on high ground for defensive purposes, Khasab was designed as a supply point for dates and water for Portuguese ships sailing through the strait. Today, Khasab is protected from floods by three large dams. And makes popular weekend destination for people living in the Emirates. A new road also allows access to the village of Tawi, where prehistoric drawings of boats, animals and warriors can be seen in the rock face.One of the great attractions is taking a relaxing dhow cruise into Khor ash Sham to explore the dramatic ‘fjord’ with its incredibly sheer cliffs and crystal clear water.


  • Khasab Fort
  • Dhow Cruise
  • Dolphin Watch
  • Wadi Qadah
  • Rock Carvings in Tawi
  • Jebel Al Harim Peak
  • Sayh Village